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Duration : 1 week l On-line mode

Software : Adobe Animate, CorelDraw, Illustrator, Filmora


To sensitize the learners, the various tools of storytelling & their values to create Immersive experiences.

The Boys is a 90-second short. It is a sweet animated film trailer with a complete story line. The story begins with a sad setting and has only monochromatic line illustrations. As the story continues towards the ending and the conflict is resolved, colors get into play. The story ends on a happy note.

As per the course flow we were asked to sleep and write down words that came in our dream. Next day, we were asked to knit a meaningful story line based on the words we dreamed previous night.

Harrshit : Rainy night, Umbrella, Shed, Wifi router

Muskan: Dog barking, best friends, colours

Shivam : Friends walking, talking, games, mom comes in & takes his phone

Design Process

A Group initiative : Harrshit Goel l Muskan Dhawan l Shivam Thakur

Mentors : Prof. Yogesh Dandekar l Prof. Shakti Banerjee

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