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Duration : 2 week l On-line mode

Software : Power BI, Ms Excel, After Effects, CorelDraw


To sensitize the learners towards designing interactive data visualization for a specific context.

To apply practical understanding of symbolism and its application to cognitive load theory.

Info-graphic :The Truth for Oxygen Demand & Consequences during COVID-19 lock down 2.0

For a design assignment, we were asked to design a dashboard with charts & numbers for the following hypothetical situation:

Imagine you are an HR Head of a company who is tracking the well-being of its employees

  • How often do employees work after hours.?

  • What are the activities they do after work hours?

  • When do they get focus during their day?

  • How are meetings, chats, and calls distributed across the day?

    Take assumptions as needed.

Dashboard Design for tracking employees well-being.

Exploring and Explaining Data with the Processing Environment by Ben Fry’s seven stages for visualizing data; that is Acquire, Parse, Filter, Mine, Represent, Refine and Interact.

The data-set is represented on a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution screen interface.
The  use of elements like oxygen pipes and interactive death analysis (red bars) binds the entire narration line. Moreover, now the data is easily interpretable to the viewer.

Design Process

A self initiative : Harrshit Goel

Mentors :Prof. Amit Patil l Prof. Shakti Banerjee

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