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Design for 2050

Duration :  3 week l Off- line mode

Software: Handcrafted with love :D


To help learner to translate concepts & ideas into a feasible physical output.

Climate change is happening. What are you doing for it?

Hand Made Prototype

Digital Renderings

Habi-Ball is an interactive space where the user gets to walk on a bridge built in the rotating hemispherical terrain of Africa that projects live fauna species. They also get to enjoy the desired habitat information by selecting a particular species & getting information on the displayed 45-degree-inclined acrylic sheet.  

The habitat will be enclosed inside a geodesic dome having weather projections, aroma, and mist diffusers.

Design Process

A self initiative : Harrshit Goel

Mentors : Prof. Vasudha l Prof. Shakti Banerjee

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