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Duration : 1 week l On-line mode

Software : CorelDraw, Photoshop


To understand the important role of typography in design with learning leading, kerning, layout, color & other graphical details for a branding book.

Branding Book l Undefined Studio's

Undefined Studios is my own dream studio. From immersive brand experiences to connected customer experiences, the studio practices Digital Experience Design (DXD) that  connects the worlds of physical and digital design by delivering holistic strategies and integrated designs for built environments.

The process of defining Undefined is a never-ending process. To maintain the essence we designed the brand logo uniting the initials UD with an infinity loop - this feels like it's always reaching towards the next opportunity.

Fear to dream, or fear to die,

Who knows which is more, who knows, who am I ?


Logo Animation

A self initiative : Harrshit Goel

Mentors :Prof. Shakti Banerjee

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