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Duration : 5 week l Offline  mode

Software : Unity, Blender, Sketchup, Illustrator

Hardware : Oculus Quest 2


To explore the possibilities of 3D virtual space in Unity to achieve an efficient and an interactive output with a problem solving design approach.

GoFit VR gameplay

Game-Play Screenshots

GoFit is a VR app for fitness and well-being. The app is passionately dedicated to making fitness more fun and accessible for everyone in a gamified way. It offers meditation/pranayam and body workouts set in stunning locations around the world. You can play it anywhere and at any time, so long as you have your VR headset on you.

GoFit has a in-house GoFit Shop which has a series of fitness head, wrist bands, clothes, water bottles, and smart watches to keep you motivated on the move.

Design Process

A self initiative : Harrshit Goel

Mentors :Prof. Hemant Wangikar l Prof. Shakti Banerjee

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