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Duration : 2 week l Offline  mode

Software : Touch Designer

Hardware : Microsoft Kinect


Tangible Computing helps us to learn & explore the Human Computer Interface by giving dynamic physical form to digital information and computation.

Design Process & Final outcome

The Unexplainable Starlings Murmuration is an interactive art installation designed for art gallery foyers and museums where the human body in reality space is relevant to interact with the starlings. The idea was to spread a message about how beautiful nature and its species are and because of unwanted human interventions these species are becoming extinct. Although I have tried to make a fantastic user experience, this concept has a lot of details that needs to be further worked upon.

Explorations l TouchDesigner

Explorations l Arduino & kinect

A self initiative : Harrshit Goel

Mentors :Prof. Atul Wadkar l Prof. Shakti Banerjee l l Prof. Hemant Wangikar

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