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Duration : 5 week l Offline mode

Software : Unity, Blender, Illustrator

Hardware : Android phones


To explore the possibilities of AR technology and its ergonomics with the facets of sensor based immersive experience with respect to the user.

Distribution App Game play


Instantly deploy app without even being installed in phones.

Powered by : Google Play Instant

Distribution App

An play Store / iOS store downloadable application where a user can customize cards.

UI for Customers App

People use social media like Whats app, Instagram as a medium to share their invitation cards with their family members, friends & colleagues. The card usually seems to be static, or video graphic.

Celebrations is a platform to make customizable AR driven interactive invitation cards which can be shared instantly to user’s audience on social media platforms, for a rich immersive experience.

Design Process

A group initiative : Harrshit Goel l Probar Bose

Mentors :Prof. Alok Narula l Prof. Shakti Banerjee

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